In 2014 we set out to change the copier & printer industry . . .

We developed a fresh and unique Subscription Based acquisition model for office technology such as multi-function office copiers and printers. Our plan favors customers and holds our feet to the fire. If we fail to provide excellent service, you can fire us! 

Introducing The Olé  ‘All-Inclusive’ Platinum Subscription Plan

  • Terms: 12 Months to 36 Months

  • 20% to 40% Less a Traditional Copier Lease

  • Includes all Consumables, Service, Parts & Labor (paper can also be included)

  • Includes The Ultimate Customer No-Risk Guarantee (if you're not happy with our equipment or service, you can fire us,  without penalties or fees). 


No Worries. No Risk. No Hassles.

We’re All Business. No Bull.

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Our economy is moving towards a subscription based model. Whether it's a cell phone plan, streaming content on-demand, or enrolling in a clothing, razor or beauty product subscription, we want to consume products and services that fit our current needs and not be tied into long-term contracts.

We've brought this business model to the copy and print industry. We provide Canon multi-function copiers to businesses on a monthly subscription plan instead of a long-term copier lease.

Additionally, this model can cut costs by up to 40%, provides flexibility  and puts customers back in control of their office equipment.

Customers get office copiers with the features and functions they need, when they're needed, for as long as they need them, without having to sign a long-term lease. Our agreements Include No Risk, Ironclad Service Guarantees.

  • Plans start at $125 Per Month, plus tax and usage.

  • Includes Service and Supplies.


Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the performance any unit delivered to you under this agreement, OléCopiers will replace it with a model of comparable features and capabilities without any increase to the monthly base rental charge.


Service Response Time & Uptime Benchmark: We will maintain an average response time of 2 to 6 hours for all on-site, emergency service calls. Additionally, the equipment will maintain an uptime average of 95%.


Equipment Change Option: At any time after 6 months from the equipment delivery date, you may upgrade or downgrade to a unit of different capacity if your business needs change without any penalties or buyouts. A new rental agreement of similar term must be agreed to and executed by both parties. The new monthly rental charge and any up front charges will be based on the new equipment selected.


Agreement Out-Clause: If you feel that the equipment provided is not meeting these benchmarks, and you’ve given us ample time to remedy a recurring issue, then, at your written request, we will terminate the agreement.


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