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Every Organization is Under Pressure to Reduce Operating Costs. For Organizations with Large Fleets of Document Imaging and Output Devices, These Mandates are Critical. We Know that Documents (Copiers, Printers and Filing Cabinets) Have a TCO of up to 5% Annual Revenue. We Can Impact that Cost by up to 40% and Make Your Workplace More Productive. Can We Save Your Organization 40%?
Let's Meet for 20 Minutes to Find Out. Below is a Snapshot of Our Process.

Introductory Meeting | Project Planning

Review our consulting process with the executive, financial and/or administrative heads. We aim to understand existing document creation and retention processes, relevant hard and soft costs, current challenges and identify areas of waste & redundancy. Once in agreement, we can plan the project time frame.

Key-User Focus Group | Needs Analysis

You gather your Key Users from each department into 1 meeting where together, we discuss the lifecycles of your most important documents (those you create and print in-house as well as those you outsource). We also discuss your most important needs, requirements and challenges.

Meet with I.T. | Discuss Systems Integration Requirements

Discuss compatibility requirements for multifunction copiers and printers such as Drivers, Print Servers, Print Data Capture and Reporting, Wireless Printing, Email, Scanning and Archiving. Also, Implementation, Training, Maintenance and Helpdesk needs.

Review Existing Contracts & Recent Invoices

Uncover lease-end dates and return procedures for leased printers and copiers. Review relevant invoices and contracts to determine operating costs (TCO) for copiers and printers. Research terms, conditions, financial commitments of existing contracts.

Office Walk Through

Walk-through organization documenting printer and copier populations and record meter data. Create asset map of existing equipment relative to departments and users.

Olé Contacts & Meets with Potential Vendors

We take the data we've discovered and meet with potential vendors. We research, qualify and vet suppliers to ensure that the potential vendors can deliver on commitments. We then preview and test middleware and equipment. We ask for contracts and begin negotiations on pricing and terms.


Presentation to Client | Selection Process

Once we're satisfied with the negotiations, we select and present 3 options to client. After careful review and discussion, the client selects the winning bid. Once the  vendor is notified we begin working on implementation, end-user adoption and a training schedule, as well as scheduling account reviews every 90 days for the first year.


Implementation | Training | Review

'Go Time'. Departmental roll out of new solution and systematic training of end users.


After first invoice arrives we sit together and verify total savings under new contract.

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